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We are a pass-through charity, partnering with local foundations and non-profits here in Denver that serve to impact Denver’s youth and local community. To date we have partnered with the Portar-Billups Foundation and Step Denver.

Our Community

Our community is made up of a group of committed members who have access to multiple exclusive events and offerings throughout the year. Members pay yearly dues that come in the form of a donation to the Denver Gents organization, a registered 501(c)(3).

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Our Memberships

There are several options to become a member of the DenverGents. Our membership dues are tax deductible donations. Additionally, we have corporate level sponsorships for companies that want to directly partner with DenverGents. Annual dues cover event related overhead and expenses. Remaining dues are donated to one of our partnership charities.


$250 / year

What it gets you:

⚫ Access to mentorship through the PBLA summer program at Regis University each year.

⚫ Access to Denver Gents summer event celebrating PBLA graduates and the DG community (Member's only event).

⚫ Access to Denver Gents annual fundraiser and charity partner event, thrown usually around the holidays to end the year (public).

⚫ An internal network of committed, dedicated, inspired members who are  as committed to their community as they are themselves.

What happens to dues:
DenverGents remains non profit 501c-3 in the state of Colorado.
All dues not used to run the organization will be donated to the Porter Billups Leadership Academy each year.

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Denvergents welcomes zara to cherry creek

“From the moment the Denver Gents stepped onto the Regis University campus, their connections with the young men at the Porter-Billups Leadership Academy became evident.  Seeing young local professionals that look like them gave our young men a glimpse at their futures.  Through in class mentoring, generosity and setting examples of how to be a gentleman, the Denver Gents have been able to guide the Junior Gents in becoming tomorrow’s leaders."

“After getting connected with the founders, Stu and Delroy, I realized that this was so much more than a fun group of dudes. It was an organization of true gentlemen who care deeply for their local community and desire to build authentic relationships through this fraternal organization that holds us a members to a higher standard of what it truly means to be a gentleman. It says in Proverbs, “Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” This has been my experience with Denver Gents."

Kevin McCartney


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